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Alzheimer's & Memory Care ~ Country Commons

The Country Commons has many special features that lend themselves to the staff’s ability to care for residents with mid- to late-stage memory loss and Alzheimers.  The majority of the rooms are clustered around the central living and dining area, so that each resident's care needs can be quickly met.   

The rooms have “Dutch doors” to allow privacy while at the same time giving the resident the feeling of not being isolated.  This also enables caregivers the ability to communicate "over the door" with the residents to see if they need anything. 

Another important design feature is our central area, which includes music and the Montessori method of interacting, so that each resident can participate in enjoyable activities and feel a sense of accomplishment.

The semi-private rooms are uniquely designed to give the maximum amount of privacy by placing the “closets” in the middle of the room which then acts as a divider.
The grounds are fully secured, so that a resident can go outside at any time and enjoy the beautiful yard.

There is also a special place for family members to invite guests to have a special private event.

Country Commons Level of Care.JPG
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