Time to Move

My father lives in Rhode Island where my brother lives.  My other two siblings live here in Chico.  My brother is an attorney and takes care of my father’s affairs; however, he doesn’t have time to really visit with him or help him get out to socialize with his peers.  When I talk to my father on the phone, he seems quite confused.  My brother has not mentioned this.  We’re thinking of moving my father to Chico.  How should we approach my brother and my father with this idea?  

Carla, Chico

Dear Carla, 

Since your father’s well being is obviously a concern of yours, I am assuming that other family members are in agreement with you and will also help you with a plan to meet his social and care needs.  Your brother in Rhode Island could still take care of the financial and legal affairs and you and/or one of your siblings could be in charge of his physical needs.  There are separate powers of attorney for these needs. If you all agree that it is in your father’s best interest to move to Chico, you can begin the process by telling your father that it will be for the winter and then reassess in the spring.  Using a “trial” period of time has worked well in convincing others in your situation.  I hope this works for you. 

Sincerely, Lyn