Senior Moments

I am concerned about my own memory.  How will I know if I’m having a “senior moment” or early stage Alzheimer’s disease? 

Katharine, Oroville

Dear Katharine,

There are many of us asking the same question.  The following are guidelines from the National Alzheimer’s Association. (1) A person with Alzheimer’s disease will not “eventually” remember as we sometimes do in “the middle of the night”.  (2) will have difficulty performing a familiar task (3) will forget simple words or substitute unusual words (4) will have poor or decreased judgment and problems with abstract thinking (ex. May not dress appropriately), (5) will put things in unusual places such as clothes in the refrigerator.  If you feel you may have a serious memory loss, see your physician ASAP.  There are now medications to help with memory loss.  Now, don’t forget! 

Sincerely, Lyn