Senior Jobs

I find I’m not able to live on just my social security and my small pension from my deceased husband any longer.  My health is good enough that I could some part-time work but with the job market as it is, I’m not sure I could get a job.  Do you have any suggestions? 

Marge, Chico

Dear Marge,

I think there are many others in your position because I noticed a past article in the AARP magazine.  Here are their recommendations (1) home parties and sales have been around for a long time – remember Tupperware?  There are companies such as Mary Kay, and Tastefully Simple which sells gourmet seasonings and desserts and many others. (2)  Pet sitting and care-many busy will pay to have their dog walked, socialized and groomed.  (3)  Rent out a room-there is a free service ( which will help you match with a renter.  Nationally the going rate is $400-$550/month. (4)  Take tickets at events or theaters-you get some extra cash (5) Sell your stuff-you probably have unused items to sell.  You can have periodic yard sales, Craig’s list or e-bay.  (6)  be a mother’s helper a few hours a week. I hope this will put more cash in your pocket. 

Sincerely, Lyn