Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

My father passed away suddenly.  We did not have a close relationship, and there are issues that were never resolved.  What can I do to feel some closure and peace of mind?

Fred, Paradise

Dear Fred,  

Feelings of hurt, anger and perhaps guilt do not go away when someone dies.  If you don’t find closure, you may carry these feelings into relationships throughout your life.  One good way to find closure is to write a letter to your father and then find a symbolic way to “send it”.  Some people have read it at the person’s place of burial and then burned it with the smoke as a message carrier; others have written on balloons and let the balloon send the message.  Prayer is another way to communicate your feelings.  I would also suggest talking to others who knew your father and would be supportive listeners.  There are counselors trained in the grieving process who can help you find closure and peace of mind.  The death of a parent can be one of the most significant losses we face as adults.  I hope you can find resolution soon. 

Sincerely, Lyn