Lifestyle Change

My life has been changing so much in the past year.  Everything is more expensive at a time when my savings has declined.  Do you have any more tips on how to save without totally changing my lifestyle? 

Lydia, Magalia

Dear Lydia,

I’ve been thinking the same thing!  Here are some suggestions I found (1) If you like to eat out, go early-about 4:30 for the early bird specials.  Many restaurants are now offering 2 for 1 meals.  Look for these as well.  (2)  do more home entertaining with friends…potlucks are in vogue again!  (3)  check with Passages Adult Resource Center to be sure you get all the benefits/services you are entitled to receive (4) don’t use your credit card—research shows people spend 20% when they use their credit card rather than cash (5) think twice before you make a purchase.  Use what you already have instead.  With all of our taxes increasing, an item with a $10 price tag will likely cost you over $1 more when you consider the gas tax and the sales tax.  Finding ways to save rather than spend can be an interesting and rewarding challenge! 

Sincerely, Lyn