Leaving Mom

My mother lives with us which has worked out very well.  My wife has been invited to her high school class’ 50th Class Reunion in Michigan this June.  She wants me to go with her, but we know we can’t leave my mother alone.  I need your advice on where to get care for my mother while we’re gone. 

Joe, Magalia

Dear Joe,

I’m guessing your wife’s first thought was “it can’t possibly be my 50th reunion”!  Now to answer your question.  There are three ways to get help for your mother.  (1) Make arrangements for a trusted friend or relative to stay with her(2) hire a home health or senior companion agency that will send a caregiver who is trained and bonded (3) have your mother go on her own little “vacation” by staying at one of the local assisted living facilities which offer respite care.  The term respite means relief so a designated respite room is usually for stays of 30 days or less.  The rates are much lower than if you had someone come into your home.  We will begin offering respite care in May.  If we do not have space available, we will guide you to other facilities who also offer respite care.  Do make your reservation as soon as possible since there are few respite rooms in the Chico/Paradise area.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your mother will be well cared for while you share memories at the reunion.

Sincerely, Lyn