Finding Reliable Help

My mother wants to stay in her own home, but my sister and I can see that she will need help in order to do so.  We both work and have grandchildren to care for so we’re unable to give her as much help as she needs.  Where can we find reliable help?

Sherry, Paradise

Dear Sherry, 

Every older adult I know would prefer to stay at home for as long as possible.  There are some factors to consider, however.  Often the aging parent will not readily accept a stranger in their home.  This is especially true if your parent is not convinced he/she needs help.  My aging father fired many caregivers!  Eventually it was actually better for him and all of us when he moved into a nice care facility.  Another consideration is cost.  If you use a home health agency, they will screen and train staff and provide the workers’ comp insurance, etc.  If you hire on your own, you will need to do this and be willing to cover a shift if the individual cannot show up.  There are many agencies which provide caregivers.  These will be listed in the phone book.  Other resources are Passages Adult Resource Center-898-5923 and Independent Living Services at 893-8527. 

Sincerely, Lyn