My father may have to move in with us because he lost a great deal of his retirement funds recently.  Our house really isn’t big enough to give us all the space and privacy we need.  Do you have any suggestions?

Rachelle, Chico

Dear Rachelle,

There are so many who have been affected by the stock market “crash”.  I can only offer two suggestions. ..(1)  for him to downsize even if just to a smaller apt. or mobile and/or to negotiate with his landlord to reduce his rent.  I have heard that others have been successful with this.  (2)  The City of Chico may allow a second unit on your property.  You will need to call the Planning Dept. and ask for information on the Second Dwelling Unit (SDU) requirements.  I know that there are at least 2 companies locally who have modular units which are readily available for placement and relatively inexpensive.  Call Steve Canterbury at Canterbury Cabins-899-3336 or Cousin Gary’s  343-8494 for more information on these units.  I hope this is helpful to you. 

Sincerely, Lyn