Cooking for You or Two ~ Recipes

Downsizing from big family meals to cooking for yourself or the two of you can be a challenge.  This cooking series is a way to rethink how you shop and prepare meals that are flavorful and healthy.  It will allow you to keep away from processed foods and begin to enjoy cooking all over again.


Please follow the links below to find all of the valuable information learned in the class!

Tuesday, February 21: Cooking Southern Fare - Mardi Gras                                                 -Impress your friends Learn how to make Cajun Snapper and French Quarter Beignets New Orleans style.

Tuesday, January 10: Cooking Vegetarian                                                                                    -Learn 10 great tips and ideas on how to prepare tofu and the health benefits of eating vegetarian.

2011 Recipes

Cooking Local: Farmer's Market Fresh I
- Learn how to shop for and prepare a meal with the freshest and seasonal locally grown fruits and vegetables from your local Farmer's Market.

Cooking Local: Farmer's Market Fresh II
- Learn to prepare meals with the freshest, most stunning fruits and vegetables found in local Farmer's Markets.

Fix it and Forget it - Secrets to Slow Cooker Success
- Learn how to prepare delicious easy, lost cost meals for yourself or your family using your slow cooker.

Oven Roasting
- Learn how to use this verastile, utility bill cutting, kitchen appliance to cook anything from a delicious roast to mouth watering roasted vegetables.

Freezing Foods - A Real Time Saver
- Learn how to make your cooking life less stressful and save economically at the same time.  By planning a weekly menus ahead of time, freezing them and preparing them in the future.

Many kinds of Soups
- Learn to create delicious, warming soups that are nutrious and economical.  Create soups that are low calorie but high in satisfaction and that help you plan your meals all week long.

Pasta Dishes
- Learn the differences between fresh vs. dried pasta.  Create hand made dough to roll out your very own fresh pasta and to create amazing sauces that help you to prepare tasty pasta dishes that are economical and easy!

Seafood - Heart Healthy and Delicious
- Learn the basics of fish and seafood - choosing, buying and storing it.  Then use your knowledge to create heart healthy and delicious recipes!

A Delicious Feast
- Learn to put together holiday inspired appeziters that will have your guests unable to wait for the main course!

All the Basics and Beyond
-  Learn everything you need to know to create a class Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Breakfast and Brunch
- Learn all there is to know about creating beautiful breakfasts and brunches that are not only delicious but good for you as well!

Comfort Food
This class is all about Comfort Food!  Learn how heart warming recipes can help you and your family to feel happy!