Community Education

The Country Village recognizes that an integral part of being a successful company is being a socially responsible part of the community.  As such we are dedicated to ongoing community education.

In our effort to help educate the community The Country Village is collaborating with CARD to present a lecture series to help pre-seniors, seniors, and caregivers gain knowledge in areas particular to aging gracefully.  The lecture series are presented at no cost to you.  Our presenters bring their years of experience and knowledge to anyone interested in these topics as a means to empower themselves, family or friends to flourish in the Encore Years.

In addition to our Encore Series we also invite you to join us for our "Cooking for You or Two" series.  In this series we explore the challenges of downsizing from big family meals to cooking for yourself or the two of you.  This cooking series is a way to rethink how you shop and prepare meals that are flavorful and healthy.  It will allow you to keep away from processed foods and begin to enjoy cooking all over again.

All of the lecture series and Cooking for You or Two Classes we offer are held at the CARD Center located at 45 Vallombrosa Avenue Chico, CA 95926.