About Country Village

In 1978, Lyn Dorenzo was a returning student at California State University, Chico preparing to get a degree in elementary education when she learned that the University had just initiated a degree in Community Services with an emphasis in Gerontology. She knew immediately she would love working with older adults.

She completed her degree in 1980 and began working at Family Service Association developing programs for older adults. Because this was a new field, she was able to get funding for and develop the Widowhood Program, the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program and a Senior Volunteer Program.

Now, over 25 years later these programs are still functioning, although taken over by other agencies.

After visiting all the long term care facilities in the five-county area, Lyn saw the need for a quality home, which was designed for the purpose of being an assisted living facility. With the exception of a small six-bed home, all the other facilities were converted homes or a motel.

Lyn set out to research what elders would want in a facility they could call “home.” With that information, she designed and built The Country House.

Lyn continued educating herself in the care of elders and designed The Commons, a secured home-like facility for those with Alzheimer's and memory loss. The Adult Day Program, The Country Club, soon followed. It has been obvious to Lyn that she will always be learning more about the field of aging especially since she is now officially a senior herself.

In the past few years, Lyn’s “hobby” has turned from work to playing with grandchildren. She is blessed to have 12, 8 of whom live in Chico. She hopes that she can be a positive influence in their lives so that they realize that “older people” can be lots of fun and can still contribute much to the lives of others.

Lyn fully intends to move into The Country Village one of these days!